Yoga studios and how to find the right space.

A yoga studio that offers yoga classes near me will immediately feel right for you if it is the right studio for you. A yoga studio needs to be authentic. A yoga studio does not need to be fancy. It needs to be spacious enough so you don’t ever feel crowded, it needs to be light and airy, it needs to be welcoming and it needs to be soothing.

A yoga studio should always have a few yoga mats in the corner in case you do not have your own, and generally a yoga studio will have the props that you might need, including yoga blocks, a yoga strap and even a blanket or eye bags. With time you might want to buy your own yoga mat and bring your own props or blanket, but it should never be a necessity. A yoga studio should smell good, often they burn incense, and it should feel calm and soothing. It can be empty, bar the mats and a few flickering candles!

Yoga instructors

While the yoga studio is an important part of the whole yoga experience, the yoga instructor has the most important role to play. They are the person who is going to be leading your practice, teaching you and guiding you. If you do not connect with them, you are not going to like yoga. If the yoga teacher is good, calm, quiet, explains the poses, helps and adjusts you if necessary, keeps the class moving at the right pace while teaching, and is into you, the students, as the priority, you have a good instructor! A yoga instructor will generally practice at the same time as you, showing you the poses, but will also walk around the class and adjust your pose if need be. They will talk quietly and gently, inclusively leading you.

Yoga teacher training

A yoga teacher has to have gone through a specific amount of teacher training before they can lead a class. A yoga teacher’s job is also never done. Yoga is called a practice because people, including the best yogis in the world, keep practising yoga. It is not so much about getting the poses perfect, although that is a big part of it, it is about balancing the mind. Yoga is as much about breath work as it is about bodywork. Yoga is as much about the mind as it is about the body. If you do yoga regularly with a good yoga instructor and in a lovely environment, you will soon look like your yoga teacher – in good shape with a calm attitude to life!

Yoga contracts

A good contract is generally one where you pay for the month but can go to unlimited classes. Of course, you can pay per class too if that works for you, especially if you are just starting out. Look for yoga classes near me in your area and one with good reviews.

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