The Unsent Project

The Unsent Project is an online and physical collage featuring over forty thousand unsent text messages from first loves. The project was founded by artist Rora Blue and has been viewed in nine countries. It was recently featured on NPR and has been featured in multiple media outlets. It is a creative outlet for people to express themselves.

Unsent Project is a website and physical collage that showcases over 40,000 unsent text messages to first loves

The Unsent Project is a website and physical collection of over 40,000 unsent text messages from first loves, curated by artist Rora Blue. Each message is color coded, representing the emotion the sender felt when they sent it. The project has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and more.

The website can be accessed through Messenger and you can search for unsent messages by name or color. The “Achieve” tab allows you to search through the messages by color, but be patient while the website loads. You’ll need to understand what the colors mean to search for messages.

While the Unsent Project is an online archive of unsent text messages, the physical collage has the added benefit of displaying the unsent texts in a tangible collage. All the texts are sorted according to their names and colors, and you can even print them out and frame them for yourself or give them as gifts.

It was started by artist Rora Blue

Artist Rora Blue began The Unsent Project with the goal of providing a unique outlet for people experiencing loss and pain. Initially, the project began as a personal endeavor, but has since expanded to a global platform, with over five million unsent messages. Blue is a full-time artist who specializes in installation.

Blue’s project features artwork inspired by the submissions she receives. The artist reworks the submissions, arranging them in collages with different colors representing the sentiment. The collages are meant to show similarities between people and their first loves. You can view the complete archive of submissions at Blue’s Tumblr.

Rora Blue began the project in 2015 with the aim of bringing together people’s thoughts and emotions, which she has collected on her website. Her collection contains over 500,000 unsent texts, sorted by color and intended recipients. Some of the texts were written to lovers, others to family members, former lovers, or even pets.

It has received more than 25,000 submissions

The Unsent Project is a website where users can post messages to their first love. It is similar to the Post Secret, but the messages are addressed to just one person – your first love. These messages can range from sappy to heartbreaking, depending on the person. The project began with just 2,000 submissions, but has since grown to include over 25,000. It has received media attention and has been featured around the web.

The project has received submissions from people from all over the world. It features messages about all the emotions and experiences that a person would have experienced during their first love. More than 25,000 people have submitted their messages, and Blue’s site displays them on a color that symbolizes their first love.

It is a way for people to express themselves

The unsent project is a platform where people can express themselves through art. It began with just 2,000 submissions, but now there are more than 25,000. Each day, new submissions are added to the project, which creates a new collage. This project has gained worldwide attention and has been featured on many websites.

To participate in The Unsent Project, all you need is a computer and internet connection. You can use any software to create an art piece, but we recommend using Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter. There are also tutorials and communities online that can help you create the artwork you want.

Another way that The unsent project works is by having people write messages on different colors. Different colours represent different emotions. For example, pink represents intense feelings and white represents missing someone and wishing everything were back to normal. Brown represents a more balanced, less intense emotion. Gray represents both pain and understanding. The site has over one million messages from people who are struggling with a particular emotion.

It is a way for artists to share their work with the world

If you’re an artist, you’ve probably heard of The Unsent Project, which is a website where artists can share their works with the world. The project encourages artists to share their art by uploading their work to social media, posting it on their website, or blogging about it. In addition, you can find many tutorials and communities online that can help you get started.

One of the most popular unsent projects is a collection of unsent text messages. The project has more than five million unsent messages. It started out as a personal project for artist Rora Blue, but has evolved into something for all people. Blue is an installation artist and focuses on art and technology.

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