Criminal Minds Characters – Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid is a fictional character in the CBS television series Criminal Minds. He has a very high IQ and a phenomenal memory. This eidetic memory allows him to read 20,000 words a minute. However, he is not without his problems, including Technophobia and Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Criminal Minds character spencer reid

The Criminal Minds character Spencer Reid is a complicated man. His history spans decades. He is a highly intelligent man with an eidetic memory. His IQ is 187. He was set up by Mr. Scratch. In the last episode, Reid was denied bail and now faces being transferred to Millburn Correctional Facility.

He is known for his ability to read maps and is the team’s go-to linguistic profiler and unofficial discourse analyst. In addition to being an expert map reader, Reid is also a remarkably gifted writer. He uses his expertise to craft sentences. In his role as a profiler, Reid works to improve the team’s communication skills, and his ability to write makes him an asset to the team. Although Reid is rarely seen in a car, he sometimes drives to a meeting with BAU Unit Chief Jason Gideon and other team members. In one episode, he even drives in a car that belongs to a prostitute.

The storyline for this episode features Reid’s background. Although Reid joined the FBI at the age of 20, he struggled with the physical aspects of his career. Despite this, he was able to obtain waivers for some of his physical requirements, including firearm qualifications. He is often left behind during arrests, but has displayed the ability to physically and psychologically disarm suspects. He also graduated from high school at the age of twelve.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

The show “The Big Bang Theory” revealed that protagonist Spencer Reid has obsessive-compulsion disorder (OCD). The episode featured Reid’s social awkwardness, and implied that he has an underlying psychiatric condition. Reid has difficulty dealing with emotions, and frequently fixates on things, missing social cues in the process. He is also considered to be on the autism spectrum.

The episode begins with Reid’s therapist giving him a task: to have a normal conversation outside of work. In episode four, “Saturday,” Reid meets Maxine Brenner. The two plan to go on a third coffee date, but Adams interferes and kidnaps Maxine’s father and sister, forcing Reid to drive Maxine to his apartment. However, Adams’ attempt to drive a wedge between Reid and Maxine is unsuccessful. In the episode’s finale, Reid and Maxine kiss.

In the show, Reid struggles with cravings and traumatic memories. He refuses to take narcotic painkillers while under Hankel’s torture. He also shares a brotherly relationship with Morgan, who reveals secrets to him. He carries a copy of The Narrative of John Smith on his bookcase.


Tech phobic and averse to all things modern, Reid doesn’t use technology like computers, iPads, and email. In addition, he’s germaphobic and hates to shake hands. He’s not up to date on the latest technology, and he doesn’t embrace technology like the other agents do.

He knows that there’s no solution to Diana’s technophobia, but he is too stubborn to admit it. He doesn’t know how to explain the problem to Diana, or even to his teammates. He can’t even remember her name. He’s not even sure if she’s his girlfriend or not.

Reid’s mother is paranoid, and he is frightened that her illness may be passed on to him. When his mother is in a mental institution, Reid writes her daily letters. But the letters don’t stop her from spiraling out of control.

Relationship with women

The end of the fourth season of Criminal Minds left viewers wondering if Spencer Reid’s relationship with women was still on. The show’s finale featured a dance scene in which the four leads – Reid, Emily, Dave, and Matt – danced with various women. The question of whether Reid and Maxine were still in a relationship was left open to viewers’ interpretation.

While the majority of viewers disliked this decision, Reid opened the door for romance after the death of Maeve. The two were first introduced at a park. Although Max was initially wary of Reid, the two hit it off quickly. The murder-suicide that occurred in front of their team was tragic.

Reid is notorious for being awkward and socially awkward, despite his prodigious intellect. He has an eidetic memory and reads 20,000 words a minute. However, he has trouble using chopsticks. In high school, he suffered a lot of bullying. He was once stripped naked by the football team and tied to the goal post. Afterward, he ran home and discovered that his mother was having a schizophrenic episode. During this episode, Reid didn’t tell Morgan about the incident.

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