Math winners talk about the AIME prep

If you want to do well at Math you need to do AIME preparation and you need to do as many AIME prep papers as possible. A student can access old Math papers online, as well as new Math papers, and the more one practices, the better one’s results are. Math is a subject that challenges and inspires students. Math has also become a really cool subject just like science and physics. Kids want to do these subjects and they want to do well. Being a Mathboffin is something to be proud of and other students look up to you. Apart from that, Math is the basis for so much we do in life and of course, Math is the basis for so many degrees. If you do well in Math you have a really good chance of getting into the college or university of your choice too.

Math tutoring done right

You can get a private Math tutor and you can also go the AIME preparation route which is like having a tutor but with all the papers thrown in. A student who signs up for AIME prep gets access to the hundreds of Math papers that they need to do the necessary practice. The more questions and equations a student does in Math, the more Math becomes ingrained in their muscle memory and how the formula become second nature. Ask any student who has done well at Math, whether they have entered the American Math competitions or not, and they will tell you that they did Math paper after paper after paper, and they will recommend you do the same. You can get a Math tutor, always helpful if you can afford a Math tutor and if you find a good one, but the AIME prep is a really good way to go. And most Math tutors include AIME prep if they have access to it.

Accessing AIME papers, old and new

A Math tutor or a Math student can access Math AIME papers on the internet. They do need to sign up and there is a fee to join the site but they do get unlimited Math papers. In fact, we say there is a fee to join up but there are quite a few sites offering AIME prep so check them all out, you might find access to free AIME papers. A Math student practices Math as much as possible to get good marks. They do this by doing as many papers as they can, until a Math challenge becomes second nature to sort out. Math is exciting and it is challenging and believe it or not, a student who does AIME papers is a student who is inspired by Math and who inspires others.

Parents can sign their kids up for AIME papers and as a Math teacher, encourage your Math students to do AIME preparation and offer them the support they need to find the papers.

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