Jayda Wayda

Jayda Wayda is a famous American model, entrepreneur and social media star. She is also the girlfriend of the rapper Lil Baby. She was born in the United States on September 25, 1997. She is also known as Amour Jayda Ayanna. She has become a well-known Instagram star, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.


Jayda Wayda is an Indian model who is well-known for her beautiful looks and great physique. She poses for various photo shoots and models clothes. She also hosts events in different cities. Aside from modeling, Jayda also likes to enjoy music and food. She also has her own clothing line. Jayda is also an author, having written a book on how to become a successful young entrepreneur.

In 2018, the Instagram influencer published a book called “The Young Boss Blueprint.” This book provides useful tips for young entrepreneurs. The book is available digitally and in hard copy. The book is an inspirational and motivational read for young women and girls.


Jayda Wayda, a self-taught makeup artist and YouTuber, started her channel on 05 August 2018. She has over 326k subscribers and 9.5 million views as of August 2021. Wayda’s first video, titled ‘Jayda’s First Vlog,’ went viral on the internet and received over 1.1 million views. Jayda has also posted mukbangs, makeup tutorials, and fashion videos on her channel.

As a YouTuber, Wayda makes money from modeling and commercials. She is also active in numerous social media accounts. Recently, she purchased a Mercedes and was featured on the cover of the Prema magazine’s January 2021 issue. Jayda Wayda’s net worth is currently estimated to be somewhere between $2 million and $5 million.


Jayda Wayda is a young American entrepreneur and author. By the time she finished college, she was already a successful businesswoman. She has written a book that aims to help young people become successful business owners. The book is titled 15 Important Steps to Become a Young Boss, and it covers topics ranging from maintaining a positive attitude to completing tasks on time.

Jayda Wayda is well-known on social media. She has a YouTube channel with over 342K subscribers and more than nine million views. Her videos show off her family, and she has a large following on Instagram and Twitter.

Social media star

Jayda Wayda is a rising star in the world of social media. Born and raised in Savannah, Georgia, Wayda is also a part of the cheerleading squad at Windsor Forest High School. She started her career in social media as an Instagram influencer and now has a following of more than 7.5 million followers. Her videos on the platform are filled with outfit inspo and brand endorsements. She also has her own clothing line and sells her own products.

Jayda Wayda was born on September 25, 1997, in Savannah, Georgia. She attended Windsor Forest High School and has over 2 million YouTube followers. She is also an active YouTuber and has a self-titled YouTube channel with over 300k subscribers. She also has a clothing and beauty line.

Book author

Jayda Wayda is a model and a book author. She is the only surviving child of author Wayda Sharma. Her book is a coming-of-age story set in the early 2000s. The novel, titled A Day On the Road With an Arriettenment, follows a single mother who is on the run from her husband. The story follows her journey from pregnancy to childbirth, and also highlights the changes she goes through during pregnancy and childbirth. The book was published in 2004 in New York and has been translated into more than 40 languages.

Wayda is also an entrepreneur. In the early 50s, she worked as an editor for a fashion blog called “The Other Indian.” She wrote content for the site and created accounts for designers. This is where she met her future husband, Jaibal Dwaja. Jaibal is an actor, and he has starred in several movies in the past. His role in “Shanks” helped him become a successful fashion designer. The couple later married and had three children.

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