Goodluck Jonathan

President of Nigeria from 2010 to 2015, Goodluck Jonathan has a stellar reputation as an advocate for economic transformation, peacebuilding, and democracy. He has led election monitoring missions across the African continent and has been hailed for upholding democratic principles in his country. Before becoming president, Jonathan served as an environmental protection officer. He holds a degree in Zoology from the University of Port Harcourt.

Jonathan’s political career

President Jonathan served as the president of Nigeria between 2010 and 2015. He lost the 2015 presidential election to General Muhammadu Buhari and was the first incumbent president in the country’s history to concede defeat. Jonathan’s political career has been full of highs and lows. He has a long list of scandals and is currently serving as a senator in the United States.

Jonathan grew up in a poor family in the Niger Delta. His father was a canoe maker. Before entering politics, he pursued an academic career. He earned a master’s and PhD in zoology. He worked as an environmental protection officer, a science inspector at the Ministry of Education, and a schoolteacher. He later served as an assistant director for a commission that focused on environmental protection and pollution control.

Career as a vice president

Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan was President of Nigeria between 2010 and 2015. In 2015, he lost the presidential election to General Muhammadu Buhari, becoming the first incumbent president in Nigerian history to concede defeat in an election. In his time in office, he was a controversial figure, and many Nigerians were unhappy with his policies and administration.

In the late 1990s, Jonathan became involved in the Peoples Democratic Party, and subsequently served as a deputy governor of Bayelsa state. He was elevated to governorship in 2005 after his predecessor was convicted of corruption. In 2007, he became the vice president for president of Nigeria, and in May of that year, he was inaugurated as the country’s new president.

International reputation

Goodluck Jonathan has made some remarkable speeches during his time as president of Nigeria. One of the most memorable was when he said “No ambition is worth the life of any Nigerian.” This statement elevated Jonathan in the minds of many Nigerians and earned him a reputable reputation as a political hero.

Jonathan has worked to bring stability and peace to Nigeria and has gained recognition as a UN security council member. In fact, Nigeria was nominated twice for the position, which is a rare accomplishment for a non-permanent member. He has also received the highest national honours from a number of African leaders.

Jonathan is a Christian and was born in the Niger delta region of Nigeria. He studied in Christian schools in Bayelsa state and at the University of Port Harcourt, where he earned a B.S. in zoology and a master’s degree in hydrobiology. He then went on to study at Mater Dei High School in Ogbia. He later went on to serve as an assistant director of environmental protection at the defunct Oil Mineral Producing Areas Development Commission.

Reinvention after defeat to Muhammadu Buhari

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has lost the re-election election to Muhammadu Buhari. Jonathan failed to tackle many issues in Nigeria, including corruption, piracy, kidnapping, and the Boko Haram insurgency. Buhari, who is backed by Bola Tinubu, one of Nigeria’s richest men, swept the north and southwest, bolstering the opposition’s vote turnout in those areas.

While most of Africa and the world have had their own election scandals, Nigerians should be proud that their elections were conducted without violence. The peaceful transition of power is a major achievement for Nigerians, and it will be remembered as a turning point for the country.

The country’s stock markets soared following the election, which saw Buhari emerge as the winner. But stocks are still down from their 2014 highs. Nigeria is a major oil-producing nation, and the slump in the price of oil has hurt the economy. Moreover, corruption allegations have damaged Jonathan’s image.

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