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Required Procedure of Talaq in Pakistan:

If you wish to know the required procedure of talaq in Pakistan by divorce lawyer, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. All Muslim husband who is of sound mind and is at puberty is able to make talaq at any time they want. He does not have to provide any reason behind his declaration. The absolute right to pronounce talaq is granted to the individual by Muslim law alone and does not rely on any cause or condition. Unsound or adolescent minds are unable to pronounce the word talaqThe procedure of talaq in Pakistan by divorce lawyer from a minor or insane husband is null and useless.


If, however, the husband is insane or insane, it is possible that the talaq made by him during the lucid period is legitimate. The guardian is not able to pronounce the talaq on behalf of the minor husband. According to Tyabji, a guardian of a husband with a deficient mind can pronounce talaq on behalf of an insane husband if the talaq is in the best interests of the husband. A person is considered to be in sound mind when he is mentally stable and not a lunatic or suffering from a disease like lunacy.

Cause Procedure:

A man who is dumb can also cause procedure of talaq in Pakistan by divorce lawyer through unintelligible signs. When it comes to the wife, divorce is made, Ameer Ali observes: “……when she is the age of such a young age (minor) that she is incapable of comprehending the legal implications arising from repudiation, or doesn’t have the capacity to make decisions and discretion, a valid talaq can’t be made against her”. However, under Hanafi law and the husband’s approval when he pronounces the talaq has to be granted.

Divorce Lawyer:

In accordance with Hanafi law on procedure of talaq in Pakistan by divorce lawyer, the law states that the issuance of talaq is pronounced with coercion or compulsion or fraud, as well as under the influence of alcohol and unjustified influence. is legal and can dissolve the marriage. The basis for this rule is the tenets of the Prophet in which the Prophet is believed to have stated: “There are three things that, regardless of whether they are done in a humor or with sincerity, must be considered to be important and impactful the first being marriage; the third, divorce, and the final one is returning back. A divorce that is granted when under the influence of alcohol is legal under Hanafi law. However, the Shias don’t recognize it.

Influence of Involuntary Intoxication:

The procedure of talaq in Pakistan by divorce lawyer that is made under the influence of involuntary intoxication or force is not valid in accordance with Hanafi law. According to Hanafi law, when an individual husband is forced to drink an intoxicant (wine) with force or as a drug and then announces talaq, it is not valid. The divorce is valid starting from the moment of the announcement of the talaq. In the presence of the wife, it isn’t required, nor does notice need to of the procedure of talaq in Pakistan by divorce lawyer be sent to her. According to Hanafi Law, no specific type of form is required. Ithna Ashari’s law requires an exact formula to be used.

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