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Chris Rock Brothers – Andre Rock is a businessman and runs his own trucking company named after his late father. He has kept his personal life fairly private. He has never revealed whether he has a wife or a girlfriend, or if he has children. However, he has had several public appearances and is widely respected for his professional accomplishments.

Chris Rock

The brothers André and Chris Rock are the most well-known rock siblings. Although Chris is much more famous, his brother has been doing well for himself as a businessman. He is the owner of Julius Rock Trucking Inc and makes a good amount of money. In addition, the brothers share the same birthday!

Although Chris Rock and André Rock are the most popular rock siblings, Andre Rock is largely private. Born in 1967, he is not often seen around Chris Rock’s family. He owns a trucking business in Brooklyn and is not active on social media.

Tony Rock

André Rock was born on February 15, 1946, in Georgetown County, South Carolina, to Julius and Rosalie Rock. Both his father and mother were slaves. Rosalie was a schoolteacher, and she later went on to become a social worker. The Rocks’ father, who was also a slave, died in 1988 from complications after surgery for a peptic ulcer. They have kept their personal lives private. Andre and his brother Tony are currently co-founders of a trucking company, Julius Rock Trucking Inc.

Both Tony Rock and André Rock are well known for their comedic performances. They have appeared on several television shows. One of their most famous roles is as Uncle Ryan on ‘Everybody Hates Chris.’ They also have personal sketch comedy shows and have appeared on a variety of other television shows. The Rocks have also appeared in films, including Think Like a Man and The Tony Rock Project. In addition to acting, Tony Rock also judges Netflix’s baking competition Is It Cake?

Jordan Rock

Jordan Rock, the younger brother of Chris Rock, is an accomplished stand-up comedian and actor. Born in 1991, Jordan has appeared in several films and TV shows. After dropping out of high school, he moved to New York City to pursue his acting career. His most notable roles include the HBO comedy series “Love Life,” as well as the upcoming film “Big Time Adolescence.” Chris Rock has praised his younger brother, calling him “wise beyond his years”.

André Rock has a Cameroonian heritage that traces back to the Ouldeme people in Northern Cameroon. His mother Rosalie Rock was a social worker and teacher. His father, Julius Rock, died in 1988 after surgery to treat a peptic ulcer. He is survived by his brothers, Chris and Tony Rock, who run the charity named after their father. Andre Rock also has interests in the trucking industry, and is a businessman.

Charles Ledell Rock

The life story of Charles Ledell Rock began when he was just a young boy. His father, Julius Caesar Tingman, was a slave for twenty-one years and served in the American Civil War. His paternal grandfather moved from South Carolina to New York City in the 1940s and became a taxi driver and preacher. As a youngster, Charles attended school in Brooklyn, where the population was mostly white. He suffered from bullying and eventually dropped out of school to work in fast-food restaurants. He died at age 53 from pneumonia.

Although Chris Rock was the oldest in his family, he also had a half-brother. Charles Ledell Rock was born two years before Chris and shared a close bond with his younger brother. His death in 2006 was a tragic event as he had struggled with addiction and alcohol all his life. He had been a homeless shelter before his death. Chris Rock sponsored him to rehab in 2005, but he eventually walked out of rehab. To know about Andre Rock net worth click on this.

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Chris Rock’s older brother

Chris Rock’s older brother André Rock has been a vocal defender of his sibling. The comedian has been receiving backlash for his comments on the Oscars and on the Nicole Brown case. After the first controversy erupted, the brothers defended Chris, demanding that Will Smith apologize for the comments.

Chris Rock’s younger sister Andi was born in 1985 and is the only sibling. She is married to Brett Nelson and has not given birth yet. She shares a special bond with her brothers, and is referred to as their “lil sis” by her older brothers.

Chris Rock’s mother

Chris Rock was born in Andrews, South Carolina. His parents later moved to Brooklyn where he was raised. He grew up in Crown Heights and later moved to Bedford-Stuyvesant. He is of American and Cameroonian descent. He has six siblings, one of which is his older brother, Chris.

André Rock is a businessman and Chris’ brother. They are married and have three children, including a son who is interested in sports. While he is not as famous as his brother, he has managed to maintain a somewhat private life. He graduated from Benedict College and Samuel J Tilden High School. He also owns a trucking company, Julius Rock Trucking Inc. named after his late father. His son is an aspiring American football player.

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