Is 86FB a Ponzi Scheme?

Before you invest your hard-earned money in 86fb, it is important to know the ins and outs of this football betting platform. Is it a Ponzi scheme? Can you really invest in 86fb as a Nigerian citizen? In this article, I will answer these questions and show you why you should stay away from it.

86fb is a football betting platform

86fb is a football betting and investment platform that claims to have a mathematical algorithm that integrates probability and mathematical principles. The company claims that its system uses hedge fund arbitrage and mathematical principles to earn stable returns and low risks in sports gambling. The platform also claims to have a reverse betting site and offers 3% daily profit.

86fb was founded in Nigeria in November 2021 and is owned by an international football body. It promises to offer a 1,095% ROI annually and has a capital preservation plan. The website has a simple, easy to navigate design and is mobile-friendly. Users should keep their passwords private and use a unique withdrawal pin.

The platform accepts deposits with a minimum deposit of NGN3,500 and a maximum investment of NGN10m. The platform pays out 3% per day, and after a month, you’ll get a full payout. However, there is a 5% fee to withdraw your money. While you’re waiting for your withdrawal, you can switch your payment method, but you must wait five to 30 minutes for the system to confirm.

It is a Ponzi scheme

The 86FB Ponzi scheme is a Ponzi scheme that targets investors with limited funds. The site demands that investors deposit money into their designated bank accounts and bet on match scores that are unlikely to happen. The scheme is also known as anti-correct score betting. Regardless of whether the predictions are right or wrong, investors are paid. However, the site’s platform has recently encountered glitches, and investors were unable to withdraw their invested capital or interest from their online wallets.

A number of Nigerians have taken to social media to protest the failure of the 86FB investment platform. Thousands of people invested their money in the platform, which claimed to return 3% of their investment. The company registered under the passport of a Nigerian woman named Bernard Andah Damisa. Despite the widespread allegations, the firm has not acknowledged any failure.

The rise in Ponzi scheme cases is partly caused by a lack of financial literacy in the general population and the greed of some people. The government has stepped in to crack down on illegal investment companies. However, some people are still victims of these schemes. It’s crucial that people avoid investing their money with these companies.

It is a high risk investment

86FB is a new investment platform that allows you to earn money through referral links and proxy codes. It has dozens of countries in which it can run simultaneously, and it supports global digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. As an 86fb member, you can earn up to 3% profit from each referral you make.

If you are considering making an investment on 86fb, you should consider your own risk tolerance. You must know that the investment has a high degree of risk. It is not for everyone. There are many things you need to do to protect yourself before making a decision. For one, you must be patient. You should not spend your money immediately. It may take a while for the money you have deposited to appear in your bank account. Also, withdrawals may take a long time to appear.

You should also know that 86fb is not a reputable company. It is run by Nigerians and does not have an international branch. It’s possible that the business could collapse at any time, but for now it seems to be paying out. It’s also a Ponzi-like investment platform, which means the risk is very high. This is because it relies on the ability of the platform to circulate funds.

It is safe for Nigerians to invest

It is unclear whether 86FB is safe for Nigerian investors. The company claims to have a share capital of N30 million and claims to have been founded in May 2015. However, the company was registered on February 9, 2022. The company’s directors are Alozie Chidiebube Chimuanya and Chidi Asiegbu, and its secretary and registrant is Benard Damisa. According to the SEC website, anyone can register a company with CAC. The company’s registration documents also list Damisa as a lawyer.

Despite 86FB’s claims of being safe for Nigerian investors, it is not advisable to invest your money in the company. It has been branded as a Ponzi scheme, and Nigerians have been warned of the dangers associated with it. In April, 86Fb reportedly lost N78,000 to an investor. He then invested fresh funds and received N58,000 for his efforts.

The company claims to be safe for Nigerian investors and has a capital preservation plan to ensure a return on the investment. It has also made its website unaccessible and banned people from using it. The company also says it is the first of its kind, and its mission is to change the financial narrative of ordinary Nigerians.

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